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Wilderness Living

Canoeing in Saskatchewan usually involves going into areas removed from many of the conveniences that we are used to. Travel becomes slow and requires constant physical effort; communication over even short distances is limited; your diet depends on the food you brought with you or your knowledge and skill in hunting and gathering.Your survival will depend on one thing - you and your partners knowledge, skill and preparedness.

The survival of the wilderness you are passing through will also depend on you and your partners' knowledge, skill, preparedness, and sensitivity.

Environmental ethics

The why and the how of treading lightly while we enjoy wilderness living. Take the Environmental Quiz and see how you score.

Trip planning and preparation

Planning ahead involves knowing what to expect in an area; taking proper equipment, appropriate clothing and shelter, and adequate food.

Basic Wilderness First Aid

Tips on how to prepare yourself to deal with emergencies in the wilderness

What to do when it rains and rains and rains. . .

How to handle adverse weather conditions - snow, rain, wind, heat

Bears and other critters

Co-existing with wildlife - the big ones and the invisible ones.


Courses, books, magazines, etc

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