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A Word about Maps

Toporama CANADA uses the National Topographic System (NTS) to divide its landmass into rectangular blocks ranging from 1 (in the southeast) to 117 (in the northeast). Each block is in turn divided into 16 lettered areas (A to P) which are subdivided into 16 map areas. Thus a map could be described as 73P5 for example. Individual 15 or 30 minute quadrangles are named after the most prominent geographical feature within the area. Saskatchewan encloses the 62F4 to 76N13 map sheets available from government agencies and some private operators.

The online "Toporama" at the Atlas of Canada allows you to view detailed topographic maps.

Each documented canoe route lists the maps that are required for the trip.

To order maps:

Understanding the location descriptions

Location descriptions in the Saskatchewan documented canoe route booklets are given using the UTM grid system. For those not familiar with this system, an example is shown here.
Example: "This portage starts conspicuosly on the northeast, or left, shore just below the start of minor, preliminary rapids (Grid location 476040 - Map 73 - O/14)." The first two numbers (47) represent the longitude (refer to the numbers at the top or bottom of the map). The third number (6) is for estimating the tenths of a square, ie., 47 6/10. The next two numbers (04) represent the latitude (refer to the numbers on the sides of the map). Again, the number following it represents tenths of a square. The intersection of these lines will show the approximate location.

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