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Climate and Weather Information

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La Ronge weather information

Max. Av. Min. Av.Precipitation

(C) (F) (C) (F)
June 19.3 66.8 8.0
46.4 6.85cm
July 23.8 74.9 11.5 52.7 6.80cm
August 21.8 71.2 9.7 49.4 5.75cm

Weather Conditions

It is vital that the canoeist who is planning a vacation in northern Saskatchewan should appreciate the weather conditions and make provisions accordingly. The following statistics for Lac la Ronge, provided by the Atmospheric Environmental Service should be a valuable guideline.

Missinipe weather information

Av High Av Low Precipitation Av Temp
May 14.5 0.3 4.8 cm 7.3
June 23.3 7.9 6.05 cm 15.5
July 22.5 10.3 6.98 cm 16.4
August 19.8 8.3 9.2 cm 13.7
For the past 3 years, Ric Driediger has recorded weather information in Missinipe (80 km north of La Ronge, on Otter Lake) for Environment Canada. The following information was taken from his records:

In Canada, all temperatures, volumes, distances and speed limits are in metric figures. Prevailing winds are from the northwest. It should be noted that the ice does not usually leave the lakes in the Churchill River area until the middle of May.

For complete weather and climate information, see Environment Canada's Green Lane or visit the Weather Office.

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