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Fond du Lac and Reindeer Rivers

Current information can be obtained at the Sask Water Forecasts Site and Sask Water current condions

Monthly mean chart

Yearly mean chart

Reindeer River at outlet of Reindeer LakeReindeer River above Devil RapidsFond du Lac River at oulet of Black Lake
LocationLAT 56:14:00N
LONG 103:09:00W
LAT 56:11:35N
LONG 103:09:34W
LAT 59:08:50N
LONG 105:32:20W
Drainage Area62600 km263300 km250700 km2
Type of FlowReg. since 1929Reg. since 1938Natural Flow

Thanks to the engineers at Water Resource Management, Saskatchewan Water Corporation, for all of the streamflow information.
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Fond du Lac and Reindeer Rivers

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