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Churchill River Streamflow Data

The current forecast for the Churchill River Basin is available at the Sask Water site and Sask Water current condions
Report from Horizons Unlimited at Missinipe
May 9, 1997 - The ice is off of both Devil and Otter Lake. Average flow at Otter Rapids for May is about 260 cubic meters per second. Otter is running at 325 right now.

May 29, 1996 - the ice went off Otter Lake enough for the float planes to take off.

  • The Churchill River is flowing higher than average. On June 3 above Otter Rapids the water was flowing at 386 cubic metres per second (see chart) and on July 11 at 463 metres per second.. The long term average for May is 262, and for June, 335. On June 11, the levels were just beginning to drop.
  • The boat launch at Devil Lake is barely above lake level and all of the willows along the former shoreline are now standing in water.

If you want to keep in touch with the conditions here, you can send a message to Ric Driediger ( at Horizons or phone him and his staff at 306-635-4420.

These charts show long term averages for four stations along the Churchill River. The blue line represents specific day readings from the station above Otter rapids for 1996. Monthly mean chart

Yearly mean chart

PatuanakAbove Otter RapidsSandy BayAbove Wintego Rapids
LocationLAT 55:55:30N
LONG 107:43:40W
LAT 55:38:47N
LONG 104:44:05W
LAT 55:31:24N
LONG 102:19:06W
LAT 55:34:30N
LONG 102:49:48W
Drainage Area78700 km2119000 km2212000 km2210000 km2
Type of FlowNatural FlowNatural FlowReg. since 1928Reg. since 1929

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