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Those planning canoe trips in northern Saskatchewan must prepare to meet a variety-filled wilderness environment. With few exceptions, the country is forested. The waters vary in character from rockbound lakes to teacoloured sloughs, meandering rivers, sweeping marshlands and boiling rapids. The general relief is low; shores are covered with alder, willow, tamarack and water-loving plants. On higher ground poplar, birch, spruce, fir and jack-pine occur. Rocky shores and numerous islands typify the ancient mineral-rich Precambrian lake country. Sandy or marshy conditions with fewer islands and less rock predominate in the geologically younger area south of the Precambrian Shield.

Muskrat, beaver, mink and otter inhabit the thousands of kilometres of shoreline. Deer, bear, moose and, in some areas, woodland caribou visit the shore to drink and feed. A variety of loon, grebe, other waterfowl and shore birds are certain to be seen during the course of an extended wilderness canoe trip. The bald eagle nests in northern Saskatchewan and on some routes it is not unusual to see a pair circling their nest.

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Transportation to the North

The following roads may be used for access to the north (the link will take you to the canoe routes along the specific highway):

Consult your current Saskatchewan highway map for campground locations and road classifications.

When in the north, you should make your own arrangements for leaving your car in a safe place. It may be possible to leave cars with camp operators. Horizons Unlimited in Missinipe can store your vehicle and arrange your flight out.

Prince Albert is the main air terminal service in the north. Regular flights are available to Lac la Ronge, Uranium City and Stony Rapids. Float plane facilities are available at a number of communities serviced by roads. The farthest north you can drive and fly out is Points North, on Highway 102. Special arrangements can be made with commercial operators.

Saskatchewan Hot Line Road Information (306) 953-3575

Water levels
Streamflow summary for some of Saskatchewan's northern rivers showing mean monthly flow volume, annual discharge volume, and the annual discharge extremes.
Saskatchewan water-related events for 1996.
Saskatchewan Canoe Clubs
Contact addresses for canoe clubs in Saskatchewan, Canada
Climate and Weather information
Simple forecasting for the canoeist, as well as links to information available on the Internet.
Fire Management and Forest Protection
Current information from Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Mangement .

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