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Paddlers' Diaries & Gallery

Notes from Missinipe
Musings from the little village on the Churchill River in northern Saskatchewan.
Poetry - of the north, of canoeing . . .
Unpublished poetry by Shannon Bond, Donna Meyer
Confessions of a Whitewater Greenhorn
Or "How I got to paddle with Mark Scriver" by Walter Bushman
Canoeing the Churchill - Notes and Musings
The journal of Helen Solmes' first canoe trip on the Churchill River

Links to Other Sites

Bill Layman and Lynda Holland July, 2001 trip from Selwyn Lake, SK, to Baker Lake, Nunavut as featured on (Click on the banner link.) Past trips include:
Thlewiaza River
Kazan River
Coppermine River
Fond du Lac River
Nunaut Roundup
Elk and Thelon Rivers
“HORIZONS UNLIMITED” TEXT ONLY LINKS Text only EXPANDED versions of the Bill Layman’s stories
Balcarres School - Grade 10 Canoe Trip
The Balcarres canoe club has some photos from their 1996 canoe trip.
David Dice's Canoeing pages
David Dice has been canoeing in Northern Saskatchewan for 30 years. . .
Allison Muri's 1996 canoe trip down the Paull River
Lots of pictures, well-written, and nicely organized: these pages will take you down the Paull River through the experiences of Allison and her friends.
46th Scouts Canoeing pictures
Picutres from various canoe trips these scouts have taken, including one on the Beaver River.
La Ronge Ecotourism Adventures
Journals and stories from Brian Dale Johnson in La Ronge

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