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Saskatchewan Archaeological Society
#1 - 1730 Quebec Ave.
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1V9
Phone: 306-664-4124
Fax: 306-665-1928
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Office Hours
The SAS is one of the most active organizations on the continent in delivering educational programs and activities, both to its own members, and to the world outside the Society. SAS staff tries to maintain regular office hours of 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m, Monday to Thursday and Fridays by appointment. Members are welcome to visit the office on a drop-in basis. However, because staff is sometimes taken away from the office for outreach programs, please call ahead to make sure someone is there.
"Den of Antiquity": Publications and merchandise available from the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society.
The Saskatchewan Archaeological Society consists of both avocational and professional archaeologists, united by these objectives:

The society's bylaws, financial statements and report of the auditor are available to any person at the SAS office during office hours, and they may make copies of them free of charge.

Membership in the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society is on a calendar year basis and includes a subscription to the Newsletter and other privileges. Donations to thc SAS above the individual, family, and life member rates are tax deductible.
Membership categories are:

  • Active: $25.00
  • Family: $35.00
  • Student: $20.00
  • Senior Citizen: $20.00
  • Institutional $35.00
  • School $35.00
  • Life $350.00
  • Excerpts from past newsletters:
    Volume 16, Number 4 August, 1995
    A Trip to Reindeer Lake, July 1994

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