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A Bibliography of Northern Saskatchewan Ethnology

This bibliography deals with the ethnology and ethnohistory of the aboriginal cultures of northern Saskatchewan (the area including the Mixed Forest Region of what is actually central Saskatchewan, and the Boreal and Northern Transitional Forests north of the Mixed Forest Region). (The best source for understanding the natural ecological zoning of Saskatchewan is G.A. Padbury and D.F. Acton, Ecoregions of Saskatchewan (map), Minister of Supply and Services Canada and Saskatchewan Property Management Corporation, 1994,) or the very nicely done EcoRegions of Saskatchewan by Don Acton and Glen Padbury from the College of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan.

So defined, this area was occupied in historic times primarily by Cree-and Dene-speakers. The first includes the (Western) Wood(s) Cree or Rocky Cree in the north and Swampy Cree in the southern regions of the area, and the latter, Chipewyans to the north and west of the Cree. Both historical and ethnological evidence indicates the small presence of Inuit groups in the northeastern part of Saskatchewan. Among the most readily accessible published sources on these three peoples are the Subarctic and Arctic Volumes of the Handbook of North American Indians, published by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington (see especially Arima 1984 and Jones 1989 - for Caribou Eskimo, and Helm 1980).

A Bibliography of Northern Saskatchewan Archaeology and Prehistory

This bibliography includes published works which are more-or-less accessible through university libraries and interlibrary loans, recognizing that much of the archaeological literature is "grey literature", published in regional journals and newsletters, in very small quantities, or as unpublished theses and dissertations. It is not an exhaustive listing, but is intended to be a practical one for those with a general interest in northern Saskatchewan's prehistory and early history. A comprehensive bibliography of all of Saskatchewan's archaeological literature, Annotated Bibliography of Saskatchewan Archaeology and Prehistory, by Tim Jones, is maintained on an ongoing basis by the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society (#5 - 816 1st Ave. N., Saskatoon, SK S7K 1Y3). The bibliography includes a topical index, which allows searches on a variety of topics (e.g. northern Saskatchewan rock paintings).

It should be noted that virtually all prehistoric and abandoned historic-period sites and artifacts in the north are protected by law and should not be collected or in any other way disturbed. Therefore the reader is referred to the Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act under Government of Saskatchewan.

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