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The Archaeology of Saskatchewan Waterways

Human History in Northern Saskatchewan
An overview of human occupation in northern Saskatchewan: archaeological investigations, history of various traditions, and an exploration of the early historic period and what it reveals about pre-historic peoples and their social organization.
Aboriginal Rock Art
Rock art images and descriptions of sites along the Churchill River, as well as excerpts from the book: The Aboriginal Rock Paintings of the Churchill River.
Stories from the past
Here are some short stories that depict what life may have been like in ancient times
For those of you who want to do further research, here are extensive bibliographies for Saskatchewan archaeology, prehistory and ethnology.
Saskatchewan Archaeological Society
Information about the Society, membership details, excerpts from their newsletters, and items from the "Den of Antiquity".

Preserve Our Archaeological Heritage

A variety of archaeological and historic sites can be found along Saskatchewan waterways. These include early Indian campsites and rock paintings and European fur-trading posts. Such heritage sites are valuable and fragile parts of the environment and are therefore protected by law. You are welcome at these historic sites but you must leave them untouched, for future generations to enjoy. In order to protect our heritage resources for scientific and public use, the people of Saskatchewan have the benefit of The Heritage Property Act. Under it, collecting artifacts from, or otherwise disturbing archaeological or historic properties are offenses. To report the discovery of a heritage site or to gain further information, contact:

Archaeological Resource Management Program
Heritage Branch
Department of Municipal Government
Room 432, 1855 Victoria Avenue
Regina, SK S4P 3V7
Phone: 306-787-5772 Fax: 306-787-0069

When you report a discovery, you may also learn more about the history of your find.

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