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Saskatchewan Canada has one of the world's great wilderness canoe areas. Half of the province is covered by forest and one-eighth is water. The Precambrian shield in northern Saskatchewan provides the setting for an adventurer's paradise.

The information presented on these pages will help you appreciate this land and enable you to come in person to enjoy it. Just remember that for thousands of years people have used these portage trails, these campsites and these waterways, and we hope that future generations may also be able to enjoy them.

To help you plan a Saskatchewan canoe trip:

Saskatchewan Documented Canoe Routes
Rapids Classification
Voyageur Certificates
Transportation to the North
Water levels
Canoe Clubs
Fire history &amo; present conditions
Environmental Ethics
Trip planning & preparation
Basic Wilderness First Aid
What to do when it rains and rains . . .
Bears and Other Critters
Resources: books, first aid courses, wilderness programs

A listing of outfitters who can help you make your dream of a northern adventure a reality.

To learn more about our waterways:

Human History in Far Northern Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan Archaeological Society
Aboriginal Rock Paintings
Geological History
Geological Domains
Churchill River Study
Geological Definitions
Gold in the Rocks
Reading list
Traditional Crafts
History of Sasktchewan Waterways
Saskatchewan River History
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